Zuyderzee provides operational and administrative advisory and support services to companies and platforms including:

  • Know your Client (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Bank account opening, structures and pricing
  • Bank connectivity
  • Debt service
  • Financial covenants and conditions
  • Payment routing and execution

Rising KYC and AML regulations can have a negative impact on business continuity. Onboarding new entities, setting-up bank accounts and connectivity, execution of payments can be challenging due to the ever changing regulatory environment.

Through our longstanding experience we can help you to effectively comply with these regulations and guide you to implement a new or review your current banking environment. We provide value through our operational and administrative expertise either transaction driven or with long term commitment.

Zuyderzee is committed to protect the interests of our clients and to ensure that every interaction is done with the greatest integrity and compliance with good business practice and high ethical standards.