Direct Investments

Zuyderzee Capital provides added-value in originating and structuring direct investments in our core industries. Using our extensive international reach and strong in-house cooperation we are able to source attractive opportunities and off-market transactions through cooperation with asset owners, brokers, commercial banks, yards, charterers.

We offer private investors and institutional investors the opportunity to invest alongside proven industry partners and select the projects and assets they prefer. We have the skills and capacity to optimise the investments and the chances of success.
The transactions and capital structures are customised to meet the changing needs of investors and industry partners including tailor-made control structures, value creation plan, timing and the execution of exits. Investment strategies include long lease investments with solid counterparties, sale-and-leaseback transactions, transactions with long charter parties, asset plays and more opportunistic projects depending on market conditions.

We provide second-hand trading and liquidity in transactions arranged by us should you want to monetise your investment prior to the originally anticipated exit.

At Zuyderzee Capital we are committed to protect the interests of our clients and to ensure that every interaction is done with the greatest integrity and compliance with good business practice and high ethical standards.

Asset Warehousing

To accommodate debt providers dealing with non-performing assets or loans we warehouse assets on our balance sheet with a customised control structure avoiding consolidation and allowing the lender to optimise timing and monetisation of the asset.